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Doctoral Degrees

The overarching theme of the Doctoral (PhD) Programme in Earth and Environmental Sciences is the integrated study of the Earth system, with regards to both its biotic and abiotic components.

This goal is achieved through the coherent integration of the disciplines that encompass the Earth and Natural Sciences. Through a network of international collaborations, doctoral (PhD) students develop their research, of both fundamental and applied scope, on fields that include key topical issues: Climate change and its expected impacts on ecosystems; Exploration, sustainable use and safeguarding of natural resources (geothermal energy, water, hydrocarbons, minerals); Geological risk assessment and mitigation (hydrogeological, seismic and volcanic risks); Habitat Management and human impact assessment; Biodiversity Conservation and Enhancement; Behavioural Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage; Study of Industrial Materials and Processes; Geodynamics, with special emphasis on petrogenesis and the study of inclusions in minerals of metamorphic rocks.