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Study abroad

Erasmus+ is the programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

The mobility period can involve different activities and it can last from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months. During the period abroad the students will be supported by financial contributions to help with the expenses abroad during the mobility period.  

Students can benefit from Erasmus programmes multiple times, but the overall mobility period cannot exceed 12 months within one study cycle (e.g., Bachelor, Master). 

Erasmus+ study abroad


This programme is mainly dedicated to attend courses and take exams. The activity completed abroad will be recognized by the University of Pavia upon return and on the basis of the Learning Agreement stipulated before the mobility period.

Some activities related to the thesis research and work can be also included if approved by both the home and the host university.

To visualize the list of the host institutions for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences select “Earth and Environmental Sciences” at the following link:    

Erasmus+ Traineeship


The Traineeship programme allows doing research activity for the thesis or an internship abroad in a hosting institute from 2 to 7 months. The traineeship period can also be done after graduation. Host organizations where the trainee can carry out the activities can be any public or private organization, a public or private company, a public corporation, a research institution, a non-profit organization, a higher education institute (see the Call for the complete list of host organizations).

The traineeship activity can be undertaken in one of the EU member states, one of the third countries associated with the Programme (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey), one of the third countries which are partners of the Programme (see the Call for the complete list of countries).

The student candidate has to find the host organization by contacting it directly. The search can be performed independently or with the help of a professor. Once the host organization has been selected, the candidate has to ask the organization for the acceptance letter. 

News Academic year 2022/23: New Erasmus 'Blended Intensive Programmes': 'Marine Environmental Threats' (6 CFU)

Erasmus contacts for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences:

Responsible for Natural Sciences: Prof. Lidia Nicola (

Responsible for Earth Sciences: Prof. Mara Murri (

Responsible for Agrifood Sustainability: Prof. Valentina Vaglia (

Department Erasmus Delegate: Prof. Agnese Marchini

ATTENTION: to ask information, request documents and signatures ALWAYS contact your Responsible (Lidia Nicola for Natural Sciences, Mara Murri for Geological Sciences, Valentina Vaglia for Agrifood Sustainability)

The Erasmus calls, programme details and documents are available at the International Mobility link: