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Who we are

The Department of Earth and Environment Sciences was founded in 2011 by the merger of the Departments of Earth Sciences, Ecology of the Territory and the Section of Animal Biology.

The three different 'souls' have been integrated over time and today the Department coordinates varied and multidisciplinary research, oriented to the study, understanding, and modeling at various scales of the physical, chemical and biological processes that control the Earth system, with particular attention to the evolution of lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere as well as biosphere, biocenosis and populations and their interactions.

The Department represents a scientific, technical and cultural reference for all public and private entities involved: in the management and planning of the territory and the environment, in the safeguarding of biodiversity, in the research, management and use of georesources and agri-resources and the conservation of their cultural assets.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences aims to be an interdisciplinary work environment in which to develop both basic and applied research. It is committed to offering equal opportunities, aiming at the well-being and professional development of its members in a collaborative and inclusive context.