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Nicola Ardenghi, Curator of the Botanical Garden of the University of Pavia (Italy).

“My passion for Botany was born on the benches of the University of Pavia, which immediately provided me with the tools necessary for this scientific discipline to become first the object of my research and finally my profession. Among herbariums, libraries and field activities, I had the luck to mature the experience that today allows me to make a contribution to the Botanical Garden, an institution that has seen the succession of prominent naturalists such as Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, Giuseppe Moretti, Giovanni Briosi and Luigi Montemartini.”

Selene Chinaglia, Researcher at Novamont (Italy)

Valeria Garibaldi and Paolo Siccardi, respectively Deputy Director of the Environmental Area and Referent in the Environmental Area Fondazione Cariplo (Milan, Italy)

«Studying at the University of Pavia allowed us to establish relations with our teachers that went beyond the professor-student relationship: the always open doors and the numerous field activities allowed exchanges that did not stop at teaching, giving students the opportunity to perceive how we were not only developing solid technical-scientific skills, but also a more spontaneous approach in managing interpersonal relationships.»

Laura Garzoli, Researcher at CNR-IRSA (Pallanza, Italy) and Executive Committee of the International Association for Open Knowledge on Invasive Alien Species-INVASIVESNET (Helsinki, Finland)

Federica Ghione, Seismologist at the Norwegian Seismic Array-NORSAR and PhD student at the University of Oslo (Norway)

«Thanks to the Erasmus Traineeship program and the contacts of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, I was able to get to know the research center where I work today, thus realizing my dream: to work in an international reality!»

Filippo Guzzon, Plant Biologist and Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center-CIMMYT (Mexico)

«My journey in the conservation of agrobiodiversity began at the Department of Earth and Environment Sciences, where I had the opportunity to learn the basics of Conservation Biology»

Mattia L. Mazzucchelli, Von Humboldt Fellow at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Germany)

“By attending the University of Pavia I was able to study and enter the world of scientific research led by mentors and research groups of international level. These experiences were fundamental for my growth and provided me with the tools to develop new lines of research, both in Italy and abroad.”

Aylin Ulman, Founder and Director of Mersea Marine Conservation Consulting (Fethiye, Turkey).